Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Goodness

Noah and the grands goofing off at a waterfall. What a motley crew!

Our first batch of tomatoes from the garden! 5 gallon bucket full and will be spaghetti sauce tomorrow!

Lots and lots of zucchini, shredded and slice and squash waiting to be frozen. Yum!

OOPS! Let that zucchini go a tad too long lol. I put a dollar bill next to it so you could tell just how big it really is!

We had a great dinner tonight, I should have taken a picture. Spaghetti squash, fried zucchini and yellow squash, pasta salad, corn and deviled eggs. Meatless Monday.....I think we will do more of that!

I can't believe summer is half over. School starts in a little over 30 days! What happened to school not starting until after Labor Day? And ending before June?


  1. Lovely photo of the guys! You make me hungry with all those vegetables. Doesn't time just FLY! :)

  2. The veggies look good! Looks like it is time for zuchinni bread!

  3. I love your blog with family and gardening photos. I have started a simple blog, but no onw can find it when they enter the name of if "Sew Your Dreams". Just wondering why. I look at yours often as am a beginning gardener.