Monday, June 15, 2009

Pay It Forward (PIF)

Recently on Shari's blog she had a PIF sign up. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first 5 to sign up and am now obligated to Pay It Forward.

This is the way it goes...
The first 5... yes five... people to comment on this post only, within the next 10 days, that they are willing to PIF....Will receive a gift made by me.

There is a CATCH.. PIF

1-You MUST do the same... post this on "Your blog" and pass on to FIVE folks as well.

2-You will receive this gift within the year.

3- I'm getting ready to start stitching my gifts to the 5 people.

4- If you don't want to Pay It Forward please leave the space for someone who would like too.

5- It MUST be something handmade/created by you in your favorite technique. It doesn't have to be a large gift, just heartfelt and it would help if you would be happy to receive it yourself.


  1. Hey, I have yet to post to my blog because I signed on with Shari too. Does that mean I have to do it twice? 5 for you and 5 for Shari! Can do! Will do!

  2. I'll do it. I give people things all the time. I love pay it forward . I believe this helps every one develop a "pay it forward" attitude. Eileene

  3. Hi Amy I am new to Stitchmap but I will take your PIF...I am a quilter and like to mix fiber and fabrics so I know there is something that I will make and send to others....Please let me know what to do next..

    Sharon G