Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can you believe this?!

My good friend Shari sent me some stash! Another good friend posted a comment on my last post saying that all of these generous people are 'angels' but Stash Goddesses! She is completely correct! So, that is what I'm saying from now on lol. I've been sent another Stash Goddess!

All of these fabrics, I am pretty sure, are recycled or upcycled, however you want to call it lol. I love this because it helps me in what to look for when I go to the thrift stores myself. Not to mention, look at that cool vest! And the mans shirt in the first photo is so cool, it has palm trees and a hammock! I would have never thought to look for stuff like this. And the silk ribbon is so beautiful!

In this picture there is a piece of hardanger that can be used on a crazy quilt block! I told her I don't know that I want to use it for that lol. It's too pretty! I would like to learn it at some point also! And, look at all of the beautiful lace motifs, lace, hankies and those are yo-yo flowers!

And the lace she sent....OhMyGosh! There are laces that I had no idea was out there!

Isn't it gorgeous?!

The two on the bottom on the above photo look vintage. I could be wrong...what do I know lol.

And these awesome trims and threads! The packages on the left she found at the Dollar Tree. Full of beads that can be used in a block! How creative!

Thank you Shari! I can't say enough how much I appreciate all of your generosity. Not only sharing your stash but your time in mentoring me in this wondeful art!

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