Friday, May 22, 2009

Second Round Robin Block

This is how I received Vicky's block after Leslie worked on it! Isn't it beautiful! When Leslie posted the picture when she was done, she also mentioned that the block had an Egyptian feel to it so that is the direction she took with it. I promptly stared to Google Eygpt to get some ideas of shapes or objects I might be able to use myself.

I found that a Lotus flower is a native in Egypt and could picture it sitting on that blue patch. With the help of my Mentor Shari from StitchMap, I was walked through making my idea come to life! And look! Isn't it pretty?! LOL The close up of the flower didn't turn out well, sorry! And, actually the water lines that show in this picture were ripped out and new ones put in place. I wanted to get a close up of the flower posted.

The above picture is a close up of the work I did. The Lotus flower, green beads added to the gold trim on the bottom right, yellow and gold beads added to the red trim on the right, gold ric rac around the silkie with a red Kreinik metallic thread and ribbon roses on the top left corner of the silkie with glass leaf beads. Then I added a seam treatment of Ahnks across from the red trim to the ribbon roses with sequins and beads in between the Ahnks.

And the above photo is after mine and Leslie's work. This was a neat block to work with. It would normally be out of my zone since these are not my colors but I had a great time trying to figure out what to do. Once again...thanks Shari for the help! :)

Wait until you see the next block I have in my posession! Sheila's block is beautiful so far and I already have ideas in the workings!

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the 3 days!

Life is good...


  1. Lovely work, Amy! You really came up with some great ideas. Ruby

  2. Amy,
    All I can say is cool and how neat to think to google images, etc. of Egypt! I wouldn't ever have thought of that! I love the lotus flower and the bead work you added. Shoot I love it all. You are definitely off the newbie list!!

  3. Thanks Ruby and Susan! It sure was fun to work on!

  4. Great job, Amy!!! Love all you've done! This block is really turning into a treasure!!!