Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Stash Angels

This world is full of giving people. After watching the news every day, one begins to wonder. Then, Angels appear and wipes the wonder away and reminds you that this *is* a good world. The people in the world of Crazy Quilting and Needleworking are full of Angels! And once again I have been blessed by them!

Leslie was kind enough to send me all of these flosses! Just starting out in the crafts, my stash is very low. This will help tremendously! Thank you so much Leslie! Aren't they beautiful colors? Like a rainbow!

Susan sent me all of these wonderful beads and buttons. OMG! I love them! There is also a container of purple and white ones but those are in use at the moment lol. The green beads came just in time for the last RR block I was working on! Speaking of which, I'll be posting pictures of it tomorrow!

All of this goodwill came from a group that I belong to, StitchMap. The link is on the right side bar. It's a wonderful group of people and a great idea to boot! lol If you are interested in learning a particular type of needlework, you sign up and are assigned a mentor. If you are just beginning and need stash, Angels fly your way. All that is asked of you is that you sign up! Wow! How cool is that? Nothing more is asked. If at some point you feel you are able, and you feel like it, then paying it forward is always appreciated.

I am no where near the point of Mentoring anyone yet myself lol and I am still stash building so I try to promote as much as possible. I still don't feel like what I am doing is enough to "Pay it Forward" from what I have received, but I will get to the point of contributing more. :) I not only received my Mentor's precious amounts of time but stash from many Stash Angels and many new good friends.

Go know you want the link in the right side bar and get hooked. ;)

Life is good...

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