Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greatest Appreciation to another Stash Angel, long over due

Look at these gorgeous fabrics! A wonderful person from one of my Yahoo groups was reading my blog and saw that I am new to this world of Crazy Quilting and sent me an email offering Stash Enhancement!

And did she ever enhance my stash! Nancy jam packed a large mailing envelope with tons of these beautiful fancy fabrics!

I spent days just fondling it all lol.

There are so many gorgeous fabrics and the ideas started flying through my mind of what I could do with it all!

I wish you could fondle all this awesome stuff too...the pictures just do not do it justice.

And then she emailed me to tell me that she was sending another, smaller package full of laces, trims and awesome goodies!

LOOK at these beautiful laces!!!

I was overwhelmed with the amount Nancy shared with me!

And look at the trim on the bottom of the picture below....it's fuzzy!

Beautiful ribbons, laces and motifs! I have paisleys now!

These trims are very very cool too. What fun they will be!

Nancy, thank you so very much again. I hope you know how much joy you brought to me! I am still totally overwhelmed by your caring and generosity. Very big hugs to you Nancy! You are awesome!


  1. The stash is wonderful looking.

  2. WoW, Amy you really have an Angel! Lovely stash. Ruby

  3. Oh my gosh Amy! This is all beautiful!!!

  4. Holy cow. These aren't just angels - they're goddesses! Thanks to all these wonderful people for helping my friend find her crafting side again!