Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quilt Show = DANGER!!

The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show this weekend is the first quilt show that I have been too. I was really looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful quilts I knew would be there. What I didn't know was the amount of VENDORS that were there! Holy smokes! There were so many vendors, they spilled out to another building across the street. I didn't even make it over there. My pocket book thanked me.

There was so much stuff to buy it really was overwhelming. I told my husband that there was so much stuff I would end up with nothing. How do you pick? I'll take that booth over there, half of that booth please, don't bother wrapping it up, I'll just drive the car up to the door thank you.

Just as I had accepted that I would walk out with nothing, I found "the" booth. It called to me, you could hear a faint calling of my name over the sound of drooling from the other stash enhancing seekers . You should have seen them....

They were all like zombies, ok, me included. Zombies with drool running down our chins that is. When I first got there, I noticed that a lot of the zombies had very large bags with them. I NOW KNOW WHY!! So they could fill the bags up! What a concept! I've already made a mental note for next year. "Bring large bag.....maybe two".

But, I digress...."the" booth. It's where it finally clicked. I found a pattern, the Snap Happy in the first picture, the batik in the picture above. That was hard to pick, I love batik! The moda fabric and the really cool Charm Wizard that cuts 5" squares. I found the pillow pattern and the brown and gold fabrics at another booth. Oh joy! It was going to be really hard to leave without having purchased anything! I've already started saving for next year lol.

Now, I have a question for you! These needles were in a bag of stuff I purchased at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I have never seen curved needles like this. They are huge, I should have put a coin next to them to give a better idea of the size.

Can anyone tell me what they are for?


  1. I think I have seen these kind of needles for sewing shoe leather.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics!!!!!!

    I believe the needles are Huck needles used for Swedish Weaving or Huck Embroidery.

    Here a link to a pic of smaller ones of the needles but do a image search there are lots of sizes:

    Ann Flowers

  3. I have a multi-pack of hand needles that contains one similar. It states it is used for sacks/bags/hampers! Is yours kinda of flat when it goes in the curve? My eye does not look as large. I'm sure there are many uses.

  4. Thanks for the info Crafty Main Mom!

  5. Thanks Ann! It was really hard to pick just a few fabrics with all that was there! Yikes lol.

    I had no idea that there were special needles for Huck embroidery, those look thinner than the ones I posted though.

  6. At one time I had some carpet needles that looked like yours.

  7. OOOOOOO those fabrics are so yummy and I also have a problem when in quilt shop want all that my eyes can see and more.