Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Opinion Please!

I showed this table topper a few posts back. It was fun, I was able to get it done in a weekend. My husband even helped! It's like a puzzle making sure all of the blocks work well together so I get him in, on figuring it out. Little does he know, I'm secretly and slowly moving him into the quilting world *evil snicker*. =)

So here is my predicament...

I have never machine quilted so I have no clue how to do that really. I've been reading a little bit about it here and there but I'm really not comfortable having never done it. I have done hand quilting. I really like it but I haven't done a piece this size.

I am thinking of machine quilting this with the "stitch in a ditch" method. I think that is what it's called lol. Nothing to worry about, just follow the lines! At least I think that I am understanding it correctly lol.

If I hand quilt it, it won't be done by Christmas. It would be really nice to have it done for Christmas!

So, what do you think? Would "stitch in the ditch" look OK for this table topper? And if so, do I just stitch in all the seams?

Thank you for any opinions!


  1. Stitch in the ditch would work just fine with your table topper. Stitching in the ditch means just that and it is very easy to do by machine.

  2. I love this quilt! You did a great job. I hope you show it when you finish quilting it. :)

    Kelly (from StitchMap)