Monday, March 15, 2010

Chew toy anyone?

I found this tutorial to make these cute Cloth Baby Rings. How perfect! I happen to have a baby! Well, grand baby lol. This is the first group of rings I have made. I have 2 other sets of fabric to make a couple more.

Miss Olivia and her parents came in to town yesterday for a couple of days so it was perfect timing to finish these up to give them to her this afternoon.

She took them immediately and tasted them out. I think she liked them. ;)

Miss Olivia and her mommy. Is Miss Olivia intent on chewing the cloth she wondering what mommy is laughing about?

And even though Miss Olivia was enjoying playing with Papaw, she just couldn't let go of the cloth rings!

I think they are a hit!

Isn't she adorable? :)


  1. Great pictures of a happy set of grandparents. Oh, the chew toys.....fantastic! Of course she had to like them, purple is every wise woman's favorite color! She sure is growing fast.

  2. She sure is Shari! Grand kids seem to grow up faster than our own kids!