Thursday, March 18, 2010

Color Theory and My Life

On my Yahoo group StitchMap, there is a class going on right now for Color Theory. I'm not in this class but will be taking it later. There have been a lot of photos posted on the group page of people's homework which happen to be color wheels. It has been very fun watching what people are coming up with.

Today, I went over to my mom's to spend some time with her. She has a large box of pictures and what not of "my life" that she is ready to pass on to me. We spent a couple of hours looking through it and still have part of it to go.

One of the things I found in "the box" was some old art papers and the COLOR THEORY papers we made in whatever at class it was!! Woo! It is very interesting to see what I did way back when lol. Hopefully when you click on the above picture, you can read the captions.

Here is the color wheel.

Here is what I wrote at the bottom of the color wheel lol

And, here is a lesson in Intensity and Value. This is really neat to have found. Thank you MOM! :)

And, I couldn't resist posting a very old picture of me lol. Since I was going through the box anyway. ;)

So, all you Color Theory mentors and Shari....Does this count? Do I still have to do homework when I take the class?! ;)


  1. Very neat finds you found there! Ya uh I am thinking you don't get to count them and not have to do the homework, hehehe. You could do it in fabric so it doesnt "feel" like your repeating yourself!

    That is a adorable baby picture, what a smile!

    Ann Flowers

  2. Lol Ann! It didn't hurt to try, ya know ;)


  3. Yes, you have to do the homework!

  4. LOL, OK Erica! I will! I will! ;)

  5. Hi Amy, I am a member of Stitch Map (I don't post much) and I am taking the color theory class right now. I am really enjoying it and learning a lot. You are one step ahead of us since you have taken a class already. You will learn lots of new stuff though. I will be "following" you to see what else you come up with! By the way - your baby is adorable!!