Sunday, March 22, 2009


I did it!! Yahoo! Not only did I get the pin keep done in time to mail for the swap, and not only did I actually do a CQ pin keep....I actually finished a project! LOL That's one thing I like about these here swaps....keeps me on my toes.
I took 3 different pictures, different lighting and different backrounds. I couldn't decide which pictures was best so I posted all 3 of them. So, it's not like I'm bragging. Really.
This took a lot longer than I expected. Probably because it's the first one I have ever done. It's far from perfect but ya know what? I don't care because I did it!

Shari had suggested using the flat lids from canning jars. I was going to do that and then when it came time, I totally spaced it out. I will be using those next time though. They are supposed to be finished off on the edges with a blanket stitch. I used to do those all the time back in the day when I was doing crafts. For the life of me! I couldn't figure out how to do it on this thing. Ah well. It all worked out ok.

As a matter of fact....when I showed it to my husband, he said "oh! that is one of those things that they sent you?" HA! No! I made it! Gotta love that man.

This morning, me and my youngest son went to the animal shelter for the first time to volunteer. He has been wanting to do this for a while and we were finally able to get there. We really enjoyed it. Well, except for the poop cleaning part. Which I ended up doing while he gave lovin' to the puppies. I told him we were switching jobs next time. :)

A great day. quality time with the kid and some lonely doggies and got my first project completed and getting it ready to get in the mail.

Hope you all have enjoyed your Sunday also.

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  1. Amy, Obviously I haven't been to your blog before. I can barely keep up with the newbie news.
    I do love your pin keep too. I am pretty sure you have been keeping your talents a secret behind modesty!
    I have no idea how to attach a cq to a lid or box or anything!
    Is this like a pin cushion...what do you 'cushion' it with?

    I am enjoying your blog. And also love your fountain/pond!