Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shopping is so much fun!

Aren't those hankies beautiful?! We were supposed to work all weekend but the race was cancelled. Lucky us! Instead we went antique store shopping again and have been relaxing the rest of the weekend. We have very few relaxing weekends left so we are taking full advantage of it.

My friend Shari wanted me to blog about the hankies I found so she could give me hanky lessons lol. So here they are! The red hanky in the upper left corner had a piece of paper attached to it with a woman's name on it and a date of 1958. WOW. I keep telling myself it is ok to use it in CQ because I will be preserving it this way. On one of my Yahoo CQ groups, we will be doing a Garden themed swap. We are to include most everything to make a block. It was the first thing I thought of when I found these hankies. They are perfect. Now to decide which one to include!
I love all of these hankies. The top one in this picture is sheer. It reminds me of the sheer aprons women used to wear for dinner parties. Too bad there weren't more, I could have made an apron out of them. What is also neat about the sheer one is that the blue flowers are bumpy.
These two pieces are not hankies but, I hope to be able to fit them into something CQ. I love the hand embroidery and the lace on the table runner.
I love this piece, it seems to be a very thin linen with the delicate flowers hand embroidered.
And this piece was so neat I couldn't pass it up. I don't know if it was a baby blanket or a table cover. It is pretty stained in the middle so I'm going with baby blanket. lol

I hope you have had a nice and relaxing weekend also!


  1. Hey, Amy I'll trade ya three blue ones for that red hankie. It's lovely. The lace edging on the runner is perfect. Don't make me drag out my linen, the house is a mess now! BUT I know right where the blue handkerchiefs are.:)))


  2. I hope you didn't get rid of the red hanky! It is gorgeous! But I love them all. I am so glad you found some. I need to find some stores and look again because it has been years since I have!
    Good for you!