Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Good List and....Spring has Sprung!

I believe that spring has arrived! Even though we might get snow on Sunday! Phoey on that! I was doing a little cleaning today (not as much as I should have) and ran across something I wanted to share. The pictures are from around our house.

Little things that mean a lot

1. A firm handshake
2. Handwritten thank-you letters
3. A sense of humor in a bad situation
4. Turning off your cell phone at the movies
5. Sincere compliments
6. Vacuuming behind furniture
7. Clothes you never have to iron
8. A small gift for your hostess
9. Making sure the tooth fairy always arrives
10. letting the woman with just two items go ahead of you
11. Minty breath

12. Birthday cards
13. Closing your mouth when you chew
14. Finding unexpected cash in your jeans
15. Volunteering to help without being asked
16. And then following through
17. Saying "bless you" when a stranger sneezes
18. Fresh flowers for no reason
19. Finding time for a walk
20. Clipping a news story for a friend who'd be interested
21. Passing along a book you love

22. Dancing at wedding-even just a little
23. Wiping the bathroom sink every morning
24. Babysitting for new parents
25. Goody bags at kids' parties
26. Clean fingernails
27. Calling your mom just to say hi
28. Paying back borrowed money-fast
29. Wet napkins when you serve BBQ
30. Fresh towels in the guest bathroom
31. "Please" and "thank you"

32. Edging your lawn after mowing
33. Mowing for the older lady next door
34. Surprise notes tucked in lunch boxes and suitcases
35. Bringing muffins to the office
36. Turning off the lights when you leave a room
37. Sharing your umbrella
38. A sparkling-clean fridge
39. Knowing one good joke
40. Letting someone else have the parking space
41. No wait at the doctor's office
42. Hugging your kids every day
43. Replacing the TP roll when only a few squares are left

Hope you've had a great spring day like I have.


  1. Can I use your "Good List" in this month's newsletter? Love, Keri

  2. I really like your "Good List". I may pass it along to my family, if that is ok? Very inspiring!