Monday, March 2, 2009

More Vintage Fabric...

Here is more of the vintage fabric that I found at an antique store!
The picture below is a huge pile of this and thats and extra of what is in other pictures.

The material on the right of the below picture seems to be stained all over. I sprayed it before washing it but it didn't come out. This is too bad, it's pretty neat fabric that is almost sheer. :(

This was an exciting find for me! I got some other stuff at other stores. A few small doilys, hankies etc. I will post those another day! It's cold out today. Looking forward to spring so we can get started on our gardens. At least the sun is shining!

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  1. what a great find! I know the feeling, collecting is almost as exciting as doing Crazy Quilting. I bought a vintage quilttop with fabrics from the thirties to fifties some weeks ago, you can see it on my blog (scroll down to febr.10th)