Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rest of my Treasures!

These pictures are the last of the treasures I got this past weekend. The above picture is of a few hankies and a pillow case. The pillow case has beautiful crocheting on the edges! I hope when you click on the picture it shows up better lol.
These doilies are so cute! We went to 2 different antique stores, the kind with booths. Just about every booth had baskets of doilies and hankies. My husband pointed this out and also pointed out that if I went through each one of them we would be there all day LOL. So, I need to plan on going back without him so I *can* take all day to go through all of them! I am not sure how to wash these. I would guess that I just use mild soap and hand wash them. I will try that tomorrow.
I found a ziploc bag very full of all of these fabrics for $3. Not as good as a deal as the box of vintage was but still a good deal with beautiful fabrics! I don't know which I enjoy more...doing CQ and all that goes with it, or shopping for everything to do CQ! I spent part of today doing some stitching on my block. Tomorrow I will post the block and all I have done with it so far. It was very cold this morning when we woke up. I keep crossing my fingers that spring is just around the corner.

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  1. I agree with you. A big part of the joy is in the search. I went to a farm auction recently and bid on a box of doilies, lace and the like, not knowing what I really had until I got home with it. It was like finding buried treasure. How fun! Barb