Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First Trip into Crazy Quilting

Last summer I was looking through something, probably a magazine of some sort, and found some beautiful silk ribbon embroidery. That was it, I was lost. I had to learn how to do it. It was one of the prettiest things I have seen. I got onto the internet and searched the world over and saw tons of eye candy! be able to do some of the wonderful things out there that others are doing! In the process of looking at all of this wonderful eye candy, I discovered just as beautiful crazy quilting. Once again....I'm gone. Stick a fork in me....I HAVE to learn how to do this! I joined a yahoo crazy quilt group for newbies, listened and learned, read and looked and decided to jump into a block. Can't start learning without doing, right? Oh my gosh! It was harder than I expected just to make the block that I have showing above. I put out an SOS on my email group and a wonderful lady came to my rescue and because of her, I am able to show the wonderful block above! Thank you Shari!
This above photo is my first seam embellishment. Since I used "country" type cotton, I went with a "country type lace, added a stitch and some beads and walaa. My first stitch done.
It took me hours to come up with what to do next. I think it will be easier to decide on stitches after learning more and becoming more comfortable. Until then, Shari came to the rescue again and this is what came of it. The lazy dazy stitches in blue are a little wonky but I like them that way, adds a little fun to it. I think. :)
I'm really going to have to write things down or try to remember the names of these stitches lol. I put this viney thing here and added extra leaves with a variegated thread.
Yesterday I finished this chain stitch. The first ones on the right of the picture are awful lol. I watched a couple of videos and did a much better job of them after that. I was freaking out because you are supposed to bring the needle back up through the original hole. I got over it. Thank goodness! I added straight stitch fans in the middle of the arches and used a color close to the fabric to add texture.

I am going to finish this seam with some more stitching and beads, add beads to the viney seam and do another stitch elsewhere on the block. Sweet Shari said she wanted to work on my block also (lucky me!) so I will send that off to her at the end of the month.

I have a long ways to go until I can do as well as what you will see on the internet but I am enjoying it so much. And, I have joined into some email groups of some very talented and wonderful people. Life is good...

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